Create a bridge for art institutions to meet collectors

We are a global meeting point for vibrant new communities of collectors who are at the forefront of art, culture and NFTs. The combined expertise of our investors across the art and technology spaces enables us to offer innovative forms of experiencing art.

Digital Lithography
By working with cultural institutions, LaCollection creates a unique way of collecting digital versions of physical artworks. Like a limited edition, “digital lithography” collectors are empowered to own certified digital twins of masterpieces from the world’s leading museums, galleries and artists.


We believe that Art needs a new wave of collectors. On LaCollection anyone can explore, buy, and resell limited edition, high quality NFTs of original artworks.

Our partners


Our Team

  • Jean-Sébastien Beaucamps
    Jean-Sébastien Beaucamps
    Co-founder & CEO
  • Fabian Langlet
    Fabian Langlet
    Co-founder & CTO
  • Marlene Corbun
    Marlene Corbun
    Head curator
  • Leonor White
    Leonor White
    Head of Strategy and Operations
  • Nicolas Reynaud
    Nicolas Reynaud
  • Wilson Ngaruye
    Wilson Ngaruye
    Head of Product & Design
  • Guillaume Joye
    Guillaume Joye
    Engineering Manager
  • Igor Telinge
    Igor Telinge
    Intern Marketing
  • Manon Tézier Prévost
    Manon Tézier Prévost
    Cultural Partnerships Manager Junior
  • Sabrina Belkacem
    Sabrina Belkacem
    Product Manager
  • Paul Rodrigues
    Paul Rodrigues
    Strategy and Projects Manager
  • Amadou Thioune
    Amadou Thioune
    Data Engineer
  • Marie Laroche
    Marie Laroche
    Intern Curator
  • Maxime Bret
    Maxime Bret
    Software engineer
  • Pauline Tremsal
    Pauline Tremsal
    Art Content Specialist
  • Nicolas Salem
    Nicolas Salem
    Agile Coach - Product / Design
  • Laure Rudelle Arnaud
    Laure Rudelle Arnaud
    Head of People
  • Masha Maskina
    Masha Maskina
  • Bruno Diogo
    Bruno Diogo
    Senior Product Analyst
  • Aurélia Champagne
    Aurélia Champagne
    Senior Marketing Manager


LaCollection NFTree Programme
& Environmental Practices

We are fully committed to the environment & global battle against climate change:

LaCollection has joined forces with sustainable forestry tech company to neutralise the environmental impact of minting our NFTs. EcoTree specialises in the sustainable management of biodiverse forests across Europe. As a certified B-Corp with extensive external oversight over their forestry and commercial operations, EcoTree works with purpose and commitment to the highest standards.

Our 60-year climate-positive partnership with EcoTree includes a sustainable forestry project in Denmark that will remove the unavoidable CO2 emissions that we produce through our activity. Our project is certified by Bureau Veritas, one of the world’s leading scientific certification bodies. The biodiverse forest will exist for hundreds of years and will be managed throughout its lifetime. It will expand the carbon sink of the planet, create a safe haven for plants and animals to thrive, and eventually contribute to sustainable resources that replace the common use of carbon-intensive materials such as steel and concrete in the building industry.