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    Buy at auction or directly
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    Pay either with Credit Card or with Ether
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    Receive your NFT in your wallet within 24 hours
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    Download your certificate of authenticity
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    Access the 4K JPEG
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    Keep or resell your NFT on LaCollection Marketplace

What are the
important things to
know about NFTs

Each non-fungible token (NFT) has a digital certificate that acts as proof of authenticity. Also, each NFT is specific to a particular artwork or digital image pointing a URL to this artwork/digital image.

NFTs ‘exist’ on blockchains and this is the way the uniqueness and ownership can be verified. Each NFT is numbered.

Finally, NFTs are underpinned by smart contracts using interoperable ‘standards’. LaCollection ($LAC) uses the ERC-721 token standard.

An NFT or non-fungible token is a unique digital asset. For example, a €20 note is a fungible asset/token as one €20 note can be exchanged for another but a pair of trainers worn in an Olympic final would be non-fungible as they could not be replaced by a pair of similar store-bought trainers.

A blockchain is a distributed, peer-to-peer ledger that records transactions and can be viewed by the public.

In simple terms, a blockchain is a collection of computers (nodes) that are linked and because it has no central hub it is more stable, more secure, has no single point of failure and it is incredibly difficult to manipulate data. It is effectively unchangeable and tamper-proof.

There are numerous blockchains currently in existence; LaCollection uses Ethereum. Every transaction on each chain has to be approved by a set number of nodes for it to permanently become part of the chain. The gas fee needs to be paid for any changes on the chain to occur.

There are numerous benefits to own NFTs:

Other than it being a new, exciting and fun way to own assets, NFT ownership allows for your assets to exist in perpetuity (on the blockchain). Postcards and prints will likely fade over time while the vibrancy of NFTs remain.

NFTs are extremely collectible and tradable. For example, it is much easier to re-sell an NFT than it would be to re-sell a postcard.

Also, ownership of NFTs is indisputable and as ownership passes from one person to the next it creates an interesting story/provenance that is not easily possible with other assets.

In a nutshell, NFTs can turn run-of-the-mill commodities into assets with rich variation, histories and provenance.

No, which is important to understand. You don’t have any rights in the physical object to which the NFT relates. For more information, please see the T&Cs here:

Each NFT will be sold as either Ultra-rare (usually two editions), Super-rare (usually ten editions), Rare (usually 100 editions), Limited (usually 1,000 editions) or Common (usually 10,000 editions). It will be clear which class of NFT you are purchasing; the more rare (scarce), the higher the price is likely to be.

Following a surge in demand for Ethereum-based projects, there can be a significant increase in gas fees. In unexpected peak times, we can experience issues that affect your LaCollection experience. When gas fees are high NFT and ETH transfers can take up to a few days.

My account on LaCollection

You need your e-mail address, your existing digital wallet address and you will also be asked some personal informations. If you don’t have an existing wallet then LaCollection will provide one for you.


Yes. You can connect your external wallet to our platform by:

  1. Go to Login Page
  2. Click on “Connect with my wallet” button

  • Yes, this is straightforward. Here are some useful articles to help you do this:How import a wallet to your MetaMask account?

    How to import your Fortmatic wallet to your MetaMask account?

Absolutely! One of the key advantages of the Ethereum blockchain is that you can access your NFT(s) via your digital wallet.

Please e-mail with your query.